How to Ensure You Find the Best Real Estate Agent

Real Estate RebatesFinding the best real estate agent can provide you many benefits you may not even be aware of. If you are in the market to buy a home, your real estate agent is the middleman who uses their experience to help find you the house that you want. If you think all real estate agents are the same, the following information should help you realize why you need to really do your homework before you sign a contract with an agent.

1. Check Social Media
Social media has indeed made the world a smaller place. Now you can connect with people around the country in seconds, and this is especially helpful if you are looking for a real estate agent outside of the area you currently live. The easiest way to find the best real estate agent is scan a few of the real estate discussion groups on Facebook, and pay close attention to how those locals rant and rave about certain agents.

2. Real Estate Rebates
Not all real estate agents provide their clients rebates, so if you are going to be working with a new agent it helps to see if they will offer you this cash incentive. The real estate rebate is a small percentage of the agents cut of the money when the house sells. They give you the commission at the closing in the form of cash, money that can go a long way in helping you after you leave the closing office early broke. The rebate on a house sale of $300,000 can amount to $3,000, a very good reason to be inquiring with any agent if they do take part in this type of service.

3. Agents Track Record
When it comes to the world of real estate, a busy agent is a high demand agent. You want an a gent who has their hands full with closings and showings because this means they don’t sit on their hands. They are out making deals no matter how busy they get, and referrals seem to pile in to them as a reward for their service. If you find an agent who is the busiest in that agency, then you should consider working with them as well.

Now you have some information on how to ensure you’re getting the best real estate agent. Not only will some homework up front help you to close faster, you could be walking out of closing with a nice chunk of cash too.