5 Ideas for Those New to Boating

If you are new to boating and shopping around for the best deals, every advantage that you can gain will put money back in your pocket. The following information will put you in position to get the best boat while keeping you under budget before you start your search for a boat for sale.

B0at for sale1. See a Boat Show – Take in a local boat show and you will be able to gather unlimited information about boating. In addition to seeing all the latest boats that were produced this year, you have access to hundreds of professionals in the boating world who are more that eager to share their tips with you. Be sure to bring all your questions and climb on board as many boats as you can that day.

2. Join a Forum – Social media today has made it easy to connect with like-minded individuals and exchange information about boating. many of these local forums welcome new people to their groups and gladly answer any questions that you have before purchasing your first boat. Be sure to contribute as much as you as for help so you get more people willing to help you.

3. Subscribe to Boating – Spend a few dollars each month and subscribe to one of many boating magazines. This way you will be kept abreast of all the latest advances and releases in the boating world.

4. Go Boating This Week – Ask your friends if you can join them this week when they go boating. You want to get out on the water as often as possible to make absolutely certain that this is a lifestyle you can feel comfortable with for many years to come.

5. The Local Marina – Before you invest in getting your new boat, call the local marina and get some prices of what it will cost to keep your boat docked their throughout the year. If the fees for maintenance, repairs, and storage seem too steep, consider purchasing a trailer for your boat so you can bring it home each week. Once you know the cost of both, you can make a more informed decision as to which way will cost you the least over the year.

Now that you have some ideas of what you need to do before you buy your boat, consume yourself with everything boating. The time that you invest today will pay dividends for many years to come as you and your family get countless hours of fun out on the open seas this year.  Visit Boatmo.com for more info!


How to Ensure You Find the Best Real Estate Agent

Real Estate RebatesFinding the best real estate agent can provide you many benefits you may not even be aware of. If you are in the market to buy a home, your real estate agent is the middleman who uses their experience to help find you the house that you want. If you think all real estate agents are the same, the following information should help you realize why you need to really do your homework before you sign a contract with an agent.

1. Check Social Media
Social media has indeed made the world a smaller place. Now you can connect with people around the country in seconds, and this is especially helpful if you are looking for a real estate agent outside of the area you currently live. The easiest way to find the best real estate agent is scan a few of the real estate discussion groups on Facebook, and pay close attention to how those locals rant and rave about certain agents.

2. Real Estate Rebates
Not all real estate agents provide their clients rebates, so if you are going to be working with a new agent it helps to see if they will offer you this cash incentive. The real estate rebate is a small percentage of the agents cut of the money when the house sells. They give you the commission at the closing in the form of cash, money that can go a long way in helping you after you leave the closing office early broke. The rebate on a house sale of $300,000 can amount to $3,000, a very good reason to be inquiring with any agent if they do take part in this type of service.

3. Agents Track Record
When it comes to the world of real estate, a busy agent is a high demand agent. You want an a gent who has their hands full with closings and showings because this means they don’t sit on their hands. They are out making deals no matter how busy they get, and referrals seem to pile in to them as a reward for their service. If you find an agent who is the busiest in that agency, then you should consider working with them as well.

Now you have some information on how to ensure you’re getting the best real estate agent. Not only will some homework up front help you to close faster, you could be walking out of closing with a nice chunk of cash too.


Is it a Buyers Market in Charleston SC?

Selling Your House in a Buyers Market

Charleston SC Real EstateDuring a buyers market, there are an abundance of homes available to potential buyers, and they have the ability to call the shots. If you are looking to sell your home when the market favors the buyer, you have to do everything possible to make your house stand out from the crowd. Here are a few tips for selling your house in a timely manner when the odds are stacked against you. For more information feel free to visit our sponsor at: Premier One,  Your Place to Find Charleston SC real estate.

1. Fair Market Analysis – Your realtor is going to sit down with you and show you a fair market analysis of homes that have sold within a few miles of your home this quarter. This is key information that you need to carefully analyze and then price your home you are slightly under the average of homes selling near you. If you think you deserve more and don’t want to drop your price, you may be stuck selling for many years, then wind up dropping it all that time later when you could have gotten out this year.

2. Professional Realtor – One thing about a professional realtor is they can sell a home in any market conditions. The reason the market doesn’t affect them is because they have a huge list of buyers and sellers that are referred to them that are waiting by the phone for any news about a new listing. Your realtor can connect you with buyers who are looking for a house like your, and explain to you how to sweeten the deal to make it more appealing to them.

3. Spend Money Now – Rather than spend years paying a mortgage on a house that you want out of now, you could spend a little money now making your home more appealing to potential buyers. Consider having the landscaping addressed, turn that spare bedroom into two, and sell as a four-bedroom house, or remodel that dated bathroom before you list the house. Anything that you can do to make the house more desirable increases the chances of you being able to sell the house faster.

Just because it is a buyers market, this does not mean you have to be stuck in your home at their mercy for months or years to come. Take a proactive stance and do the things that your realtor suggests, including dropping the home price to a point that will get buyers in the door as quickly as possible before they simply find another house to buy.